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First Choice Computers (West Midlands) Limited OfCom Registration was approved as a new Communications Provider. The Registration Request was approved on the 9th of April 2018 by the Ofcom Numbering Team .

Microsoft has announced Yealink's T46G SFB and T48G SFB 'phones have become the first in the company's T4x series to be certified for use on its Skype for Business Online Service platform.

Yealink's T4 series of desktop IP phones and W52P DECT phone are now compatible with the Fuze Global Voice platform.

The Internet Services Provider's Association has shortlisted Yealink's ground-breaking VP-T49G executive videophone for its 2016 Customer Premises Equipment award.

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Over the last few years, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) has evolved and voice has made the gradual transition to 'the cloud'. Cloud is a broad term typically referring to data-centre - hosted services that are run and accessed over the Internet. Cloud telephony refers to voice services, and, specifically, the replacement of traditional telephone equipment (PBX's, for instance) with third party services..

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